Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Get It, You Read The Books #GameofThrones #TrueBlood #TheWalkingDead

Earlier today, I was writing about True Blood. When I was done writing I took to they Facebook page to get a couple photos for the post. While I was getting the photos I saw alot of "Stop telling us". At first I thought that they was talking about a past episode, they wasn't. What they was talking about was the people that already read the books. The know it all's.

You seen a couple, you might even be one. On all the photos the TV show post, talking about you read the books. Blah Blah and Blah. Would you like a cookie? Them people make me sick. They always have to point that out. Not everybody knew it was a book till it was a TV show. Once it became a TV show they didn't feel the need to read the book when they can just watch it. That is the reason that people watch shows, to see something new. Then they never stop there, they start to tell you what is going to happen. Why the hell do you do that? As I said before people watch the TV show to see what happens. They didn't ask you, so why you telling?   

This goes for all the books that are now TV shows. Yeah I'm talking to the "Walking Dead" people right now. If I hear one more person cry cause the show is not like the comics, I might hit you with a walker. 

Somebody did say something about the Game of Thrones that made me want to punch them. I forgot what it was and they was on TV. So that's that. See I didn't mess the show up for nobody. Try it sometime. 

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