Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maybe you Should Watch Season 5 Again #TrueBlood

I love re-watching seasons of shows that I love. I love re-watching them when they are on Netflix or HBO Go, etc.. Yes, that's a shot at NCIS. C'mon put it out somewhere. Anyways, back to True Blood. I been re-watching True Blood for about two months now. I got around to Season Five this week and watched the last episode, last night. I have some of the best memory around and I don't remember half of the stuff happening. Spoiler Alert.

This is about to be really random order but you all seen the show so you already know this stuff. Pam and Tara kissing? This didn't take me by that much of a surprise. They always seem to have this underline in love with each other hate/love. I want to say that it might be cause she her maker, but that would mean that Bill and Jess got that too. There goes that idea. I think they started liking each other cause they both are mean. Mean people love other mean people, giving out the same shit they giving. Maybe we will even get a love scene with them in season six. Just saying. 

Bill turning into Lily. I kinda think I remember this part and I kinda don't. Now that I think about it, I don't remember him drinking the blood. True Blood need to start coming back sooner, be forgetting too much. 

Speaking of forgetting, Andy got not one but four kids. Normally in society it's the man to "punk out" but in this case, it's the women. She popped them out and bounce. Wonder if Andy will get back with the other women .The witch lady. She was kinda good looking.

Jason need to chill the fuck out. He is acting like a ass. "I can't love a vampire". You can't love one but she can save your life a couple times. Just cause one killed your parents do not mean that you have to hate them all. She didn't do it. 


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