Monday, February 24, 2014

Daron Stinson Is An Idiot (Jackass)

I want to start this by saying, if you have a problem with what I'm saying, this my twitter @JavarisIsOnMars. Anyways, is this what America coming to? Going out and doing whatever for IG likes? It's one thing to prank people, it's another to have people thinking that this might be the day they die. This shit is not even close to being funny. It's worst than Russel Brand. 

 Daron Stinson terrorized strangers with a black pellet gun and then posted the sick videos to his Instagram account, where he identified himself as a comedian pulling 'pranks.' He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery and other offenses.

A Philadelphia goon is facing assault charges for allegedly staging fake drive-by shootings with a pellet gun and posting videos of the "pranks" to Instagram.

Daron Stinson, 21, cursed at his victims, sent one man diving into the snow and even threatened a young woman after asking for her phone number in the series of so-called "drive-by pranks," which he uploaded to his Instagram account "funniestnphilly," police said, according to local reports.

In the most recent video, posted on Feb. 15, Stinson and some pals pulled up on a 52-year-old man carting rock salt in a wheelbarrow and ordered him at gunpoint to put the bag in their truck, cops said.

"Put it in the truck! Hurry the f--- up!" Stinson yells as his friends cackle in the background.

Salt pours from the bag as the terrified man hurries over to the truck, and the video ends with the group laughing hysterically and speeding away.

That incident occurred on Diamond St. near Sedgley Ave. in North Philadelphia, reported.

"Poor old head make him waste all that good salt," Stinson commented on Instagram.- NY Daily News

You have one where, he's chasing a dude and his little child. I can't tell if it's a boy or girl. Fact is, he chasing a man and his child. God forbid somebody shoots your stupid ass, thinking you really trying to rob them. Cause you know, they will be in the right. Shooting you. Nobody knows you playing. Only you and your jackass friends. 

Better ask that dude that was playing the 'Knock out' game and got shot. I wonder how funny he think that game is now, while he doing a year in jail over it. 

Some people already looking for a reason to have men behind bars, and you just giving people a reason. Fucking stupid.

Pardon my french. 


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