Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Favorite Things: A Christmas Story (House and Museum)

   For many Americans the 1983 film, ‘A Christmas Story’ is the Platonic ideal of holiday entertainment, and the actual home used in the film is now restored to its cinema quality and there is even museum devoted to the singular movie directly across the street.
The location itself was originally chosen due to its firmly mundane, 1940’s style and yet thanks to the film, the simple abode is now one of the most iconic buildings in Western media, with Christmas decorations paying homage to the famous facade. The owner of the house began by selling replica “leg lamps” like the one featured in A Christmas Story’s most memorable scene and was eventually able to purchase the home from the movie. He has since completely remodeled the interior to be an exact replica of the home in the film. Visitors can walk through the period-modeled site tasting the soap Ralphie washed his mouth out with, or firing a BB gun in the backyard.

The museum across the street continues the obsession with the film and features a number of movie props such as little brother Randy’s snowsuit and all the toys from the department store window that Ralphie fauns over. If you can’t wait to watch A Christmas Story as it airs non-stop on cable this holiday, you can actually head to Cleveland and live the experience.

Take a virtual tour of the Christmas Story House and Museum on Atlas Obscura!


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