Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Proud Of Ghadir

 Before I start, I want to state how fucking beautiful Jeem looks. She looking like a million bucks. Lord, thank you for blessing this earth with this sexy women. It's one picture in this post, where she sitting in a chair......Can't even find the words. Well the words to post on the blog, I'll just tell her......Anyways. 

You know, I used to say I'm Jeem's (Ghadir) biggest fan. But Jeem told me something the other day that made me think that I might be sharing the title with somebody. She was telling me about how Janelle (Princess),prayed that Jeem gets to do her show. She also stated that Princess always clapping and cheering her on, when she practice. Maybe I have to share this biggest fan spot with Princess? Yeah, I don't mind. She's great company. Now just for Jacob to join us.

Last night was her (Jeem) first spoken word event. The one we all been waiting on.  Pushed back, three times. On this third time, Jeem burned the world. With her voice, with her words. With her soul. She didn't let the delays stop her from letting everybody from here to the high heavens hear her message.  I'm so proud of my teammate. She is a living example of what everybody needs to be. Somebody that's going after what she wants. 

This is only the start, I been bragging all day to everybody I come across. I even told this random dude. He looked at me like "So" and I was like "She look better than Beyonce tho" he gave me a fist pound and said "Sho nuff" and we went about our day.
  Love You Jeem.


Wordsbyladyg said...

Awwwwwwww! Thank you so Jman! Your support means the world! Yeah, it's so cool how proud Janelle is of me! Thanks again. Love you too Jman!!!!!

JavarisIsOnMars said...

You're welcome Jeem. Aww, just holding down my teammate, The support you show me is amazing as well. Can't put it into words how proud I am of you. Yeah, I bet Princess tells everybody in the school about your pieces.

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