AK-47 With The Pocket Square #DressLikeJavaris #GTAV Edition

12:30 PM

(Tan Suit Jacket, Pink Shirt,Green Tie and Tan pants. Black shoes)

Over the weekend I was playing GTAV with some of the readers of the blog. One of the things that everybody kept saying "I would have never match that with that. I like it". That was besides all the questions about Ghadir . Anyways. Somebody made the suggestion that I should do a DLJ for GTAV. I found it to be silly, can't lie. But, I give the people what they want. Don't steal my hats tho. That's all me. 

(Red Suit Jacket, Black Tie, Tan pants and back shoes)

If you want more, Let me know. @JavarisIsOnMars 

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