Monday, March 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Was Crazy Last Night #TWD

When a show say that a episode is a must watch, we all brush it off. I mean, they say it every week. The Walking Dead set us up for this one. We kinda knew it was coming. We just didn't know it would be this bat shit crazy. (Spoilers Ahead)

Lizzie is a psycho and been a psycho since Carol started teaching them to fight. She just always seem like a piece of her mind is missing. It was slowly starting to show. She almost killed the baby when they was in the woods. She almost killed the baby and doesn't want to kill walkers. Boy, is Carol happy she didn't fall asleep while Lizzie was around. 

Lizzie really didn't overstand that the zombies are, dead. She just thinks that they're different. 

At one point she even goes as far as to feed the walker. Saying things like  “They just want me to change to feel like them…. I can make you all understand it.”

Shit really hits the fan after they found a house to stay at and Carol and Tyree goes looking for, food I guess. They get back and Lizzie is trying a social experiment on her sister. As I said before, she thinks that you come back to life after your death. Now this is true, only thing is, you come back as a zombie. 

After this it's clear that it's no coming back for Lizzie. She is far gone and Carol and Tryee have to do something. So after a talk that leads to "She can't sleep under the same roof as Judith". Carol takes her out for a  walk. On this walk, she makes her look at the flowers. 

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