Monday, January 12, 2015

Express It Your Way: Valentine's Special #CreativeLuvaholic

  Show your Saint Valentine some love this February 14th. By letting millions of people know you love your special someone. This year Ghadir and I would like to help you out with that. . Write them a love letter, poem, dedicate a song (movie scene), draw a picture, do whatever you want to show them your love.

 Then email it to us and we'll post it to our blogs. For millions to see. Making that special day, a lot more special.

Email us ( With your First name and Last initial and your Valentine, first name and last initial. If you have a nickname for the person, you can use that if you like.

Also, attach a photo for posting.

The post can be as simple as saying "I love you". Love letters and poems, etc has no limit or minimum.
The poem doesn't have to be original but you must credit the source.

You can dedicate up to three songs.

The deadline to submit is February 12,2014 11:59pm

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