Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Million Dollar Fresh On Her #DressLikeJavaris

As you know, wait, as some of you know. V-day is right around the way. Maybe your girlfriend (or boyfriend) want to go out for a nice dinner. In one of them fancy restaurants. The ones where the water sprinkles and the man gives you gum in the rest room. The le bathroom. Anyways. If you are planing on going out. You can't wear Sanquon. It's cool and all but they haters, so they won't let you be seated.

So I place together a little guide to help you get started in your search for the perfect outfit to wear. The one that will, you know... If you need any help with what go good with your body type (skin color, etc). feel free to email me.
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Burgundy Ultra

Sidenote: Don't ever stand like that. Looks like your suit is too small.You also will look extremely wack.  Popping your hip.

I like the color of this suit. It's made for the night time. Nice and smooth with the dip and taste of black. Not too much. If you want to go with no tie with this one, let the suit jacket hang open. It draws the attention away from the neck and it also looks more relax. Really chill. I want to say that a brown boat shoe will be best. That or naw, just the brown. I can't think of another color that would be able to blend in well like the brown. No need for the pop.

Green Ultra 
 Some of y'all are pretty young. So what I'm about to say might go over your head. This would be next level if it was crushed velvet (just look at the jacket). Just the jacket. Crushed velvet jacket with some black pants. No need for the green ones. Look like a green bean with that. So yeah, back in the day it was a huge thing. The problem at that time, people was wearing such huge suits. Steve Harvey type ones. I might bring the crushed back. 

 You can wear it closed and open. This one doesn't matter. We wearing a tie with this one. Bow tie. With some nice jet black shoes.

Gray Ultra

Let's keep it simple for the last one. I been rolling with the black pants, so let's keep rocking. Also of notice. I didn't pick or use red in any of this. That's too cheese. More then likely, everybody else will be wearing red too. Don't want to be looking like a big boy band with the rest of the guys.

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