Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trophies #DressLikeJavaris

  You know, we don't make all crazy shirts. Well kinda. Sometime I like to wear a shirt that's a little chill. Something that blends in. While popping at the same time. I think our 'Hype Killers (Scripts)' does that. I'm show you now to work it like me. (Sanquon shirts can be brought here).

The start is the shirt. I wear the black 'Hype Killer' all the time. When I wear it, like all my other shirts. I don't matchy match my clothes. I hate when people do that. If you been following the series then you have notices that. I don't do it. You don't do it either. Be out here looking like them. That's not hot. Who told them to do that. Sweet Jesus. Anyway. One more for the road. Seriously just say no. 

 Sidenote: I don't wear my pants this tight.

I like to match my dark shirts with a lighter pant. It makes a different between the two. A dark wash and a dark pant will drown out each other. Kinda hard on the eyes too. I do suggest light pant with a light shirt tho. Light seem to always not go wrong.

For the sneakers. I always wear this pair with this outfit. I got the sneakers just for this shirt to be really real. I love the feel and the look of it and the little bit of gold. Now that's how you match the colors. Get that matchy match crap outta here. 

Sneakers are from Foot action (Click here to buy)
Free Shipping over $75 at  Use Code LKS15J34.  Valid 1.1.15 - 1.31.15.  Contiguous US Only.  Exclusions Apply.

 Jeans are from TopMan (Click link to buy)
 Topman US

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