Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Rings: Leave It All (ep.6)

Big Rings: Playoff Fever (ep.5) #2K16

You dream about this when your young. You think about this when you step on any court at any time, in the world. You sweat for this. You fight for this. You broken bones for this. You put your body on the line for this. This that moment that you wanted to be ready for when it was 12 am and the whole crew went home. Not you, you stayed out. You had to get 500 shots up. You had to get better. You worked your ass off for this moment. Win four and be a King. You don't have time to take the L. You didn't work this hard to fall. You work this hard to be the best and win it all. This is the NBA Finals and it's time to be Kings.

I didn't sleep before game one. I looked up and down the game-plan and I worked it to the point that I made myself sick. I really made myself sick. Throwing up in the Hotel room in Charlotte. I did all I should do and it was to be just left alone. It was up to the players to want to win this. I been here before and I know it wasn't going to be a cake walk. We're a three seed for crying outloud. 

Game one came and we fell short. The team didn't fail us. They played hard. The thing about basketball is that the ball is not always going to fall the way you wanted too. This seem to be the case for the first two games. Playing in somebody else building is always like being behind the 8 ball. The crowd stays rocking and the rims get harder to see. 

So they took the first two in their house. The next two games was in The Garden and we'll not losing in The Garden. We flew out the gate and shut out the Hornets in our house and even the series. It was the show that you had to see, it was not to be missed. You had Rose flying and KD dialing it in from deep. The Hornets would go on to win game Five in they house and we would win game six in ours. It's like whoever was the home team was going to take the victory and it wasn't going to play out good in our side. As they have game seven. Since they was the higher seed. Game Seven was on. 

 'Game Seven' spells finality and closure. Indicates drama and gravitas elimination! Legacy-definition. Must see TV. Sweaty palms and weak stomachs. History happens now.

Sidenote: As I said last post. My Xbox clips got deleted at random. I think I have fixed the problem so it won't happen again. Enjoy the amount that I was able to save.  See you guys next season. IT WILL BE BIGGER AND BETTER. 

One was enough for me. It made me happy. I went to bed with the biggest cheese that you should ever see. Granted I went to bed after being up for four days after we won. I didn't think it would get any better. 

Who knew that this one would happen and this one would be sweeter. It was beautiful to see this team go out and win this game. I knew they had it in them. They played like the champions they are. The whole team came together and played the role in which they needed to bring the ring home. 

Also let's give a big congrats to the finals MVP, Derrick Rose. He played like a mad man. He owned the floor and the shots he made in the clutch was surreal. 

We did it. We really did it. See y'all next season.

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