Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Loving The NFL Color Rush #NFL

The Thursday after last. The NFL did something that I dare say, was fun. Matter fact fancy. The NFL rolled at some home/home units. Not just any home/home. 'Color Rush" is the name that the NFL and Nike have dud them. I loved the idea when Georgia and Florida did it two years ago. Keeping it going this year. It gives the game a hype feel to it. Makes you pay attention. It pulls you in. I know, I'm reaching with all that. I felt it too. 

But seriously, the two past Thursday night games have been great to watch with this 'Color Rush' going on. I just want the Jags to get a new color tho. 

I'll say it, they look like shit. Like shit in motion. C'mon. The NFL has said that all games played on Thursday next year will be 'Color Rush'.  I'm hoping the Falcons get another Thursday night game. 


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