Monday, November 2, 2015

Rip It Like Joe Walsh

It's really no secret. The Eagles are my favorite band of all time. I can often be found singing the songs at any time. It's just something that I always do. It's the wanting to be a Rock God. That's what Joe Walsh is, a Rock God. This man can play some of the fumiest licks you would ever hear in your life. That's what landed him in the band in the first place. The Eagles was already a band but when they started to go thru changes they happen to come across Joe solo work. They knew from the opening ten seconds that they wanted him in the band.

I for one, is pretty happy that they did. He kills it and kills it again and again. I have never heard everything bad when it comes to his music. Word is, his words. He was one bad boy back in the day. I'm talking about trashing hotel rooms for fun. Must be nice to be rich.

This got me to thinking. Not so much about the hotel rooms but about getting back into playing the weapon of greatness. I mean what would be better then to whip out the guitar and just let go for awhile.  I was checking Musicians Friend and I ran across this robert trujillo bass  (strings pack). I might have to buy a couple. I seen to break them fast.  Rock on, rock on.

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