Sunday, May 15, 2016

Word Is Bond #DressLikeJavaris

If it's one thing I can't be, that is a Vegan. I don't know that God put meat on earth to be ate but he didn't make it taste good for us not to eat it. I guess that makes two, cause I was about to say James Bond. I can't be James Bond. Since, you know they won't let Idris Elba play him. James Bond also never finds his way to a suit that's not black. It's always black and nothing else. I'm not with that. I need some color, from time to time. Plus if I was James Bond and wearing colorful suits, the bad guys would be confused. They would be looking for the me, James Bond and never find me. Cause they would be looking for that damn black suit. Nope. Not today, today I'm wearing this. The not James Bond shit. 

How many times did I say "James Bond" in the opening.  

If you see me post about suits and I don't show the undershirt. It's white. Always white unless I say otherwise. Anyways.  I feel like I'm short enough to pull this off. Just something about the tall people wearing colors that just look odd to me. Maybe because it was too much so much fabric that is over the taller bodies. It's like looking at the sun in a heavy dose. So with me being short, I can do it. 
 Black Knitted Bow Tie
 Two summer's ago, I said that we should 'Bow Tie It Up This Summer'. We did. Now it's time to do it again. Bow ties are always right for the summer. They give off that summer feel that the tie just doesn't give you. This knitted one is perfect for this look. 

 Sand Cotton Twill Skinny Fit Pants
I know you was thinking that I was going to pick out some black pants. You just knew I would be. So, I guess you can put that thought right back into your head. Joking, I'm laughing with you as you look over the thoughts you was about to make. I don't know why I wrote that line so deep, welp. Use that whenever somebody gets on your nerves. Anyways, I felt that the black pants would be too safe and the grey pants would be great but no pop with that. So sand cotton seems to be the just enough without being too much. 

  Let's just keep the shoes black. I don't wanna add too many colors into the look and black shoes always seem to be my go to. 

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