Tuesday, May 24, 2016

‘Story 2 Tell’ Short Film

If you love rap, than you have definitely heard the song by the late great Biggie, 'I Got A Story To Tell'. Now for years since his passing we have all wondered who the song was about. Well, I guess people have been asking questions while he was alive but I was like five, chill. Highly Questionable have probably had the highest level of investigation. Asking about all the rappers from New York that knew Biggie, who this Knicks player might be. It wasn't till Fat Joe came on that we finally found out and ended this chase. 

But yo Biggie, how basketball games rain out though?

This short film written and directed by Aristotle Torres takes us into the night of this now infamous song. Starting Delano Barbosa ,Amina Blue (Yes, the Yeezy model) and Ade Otukoya. This film packed a punch. 

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