Thursday, July 14, 2016

Festival White Donuts #DressLikeJavaris

I haven't been to it in years but it's Warped Tour season. I haven't been cause I feel old now. All the early 20's kids. I can't be around all that. I will be making sure I find my way to the Atlanta One Music Fest. That's what I have been waiting for. One day after my birthday. 

So, last weekend, I was supposed to go to a all white party. We already know I'm not the biggest fan of white clothes. So I go out and get some white pants for the party. I just knew I was about to be killing it. I have the white polo with the black horse. Regular size. I don't do that supersize shit.  Matched it with the classic Reebok. Fresh to death, I'll tell you where to send the flowers. 

Too bad I didn't get to go. So now I have white pants that I can't even put to use. So this is my leftover pants look. This will work for a festival. In Georgia it's hot, so the white pants will bonce the heat, right? 

Canvas Sk8-Hi Lite

Might as well not even half ass this one. I'm trying to look like an big ball of joy with this one. I was trying about going with the black ones but it's already white pants so I might as well just do it. 

Shirt : Sanquon 'Donuts'

Pants: Regular Ass White Pants From TopMan

Sneakers Vans 'Sk8-Hi'

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