Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Awkward Misfits #TheAwkwardMinority

Something about Tuesday that just gets the juices going. Makes me feel alive and ready for whatever the day brings my way. Anybody that wants it can have it. Such the happiest of moods. 

It's probably because we record The Awkward Minority Podcast on Tuesdays.  As you can see above, we have merch. You should buy some. Rep for the Awkward Misfits. Like I am today. 

 These black tech joggers are more fitting than the picture leads on. They look so baggy, I hate baggy. Anyways, I don't match colors unless it's whipping out the black. Just something about it gives off that badass look. 
Sidenote: H&M has added a pretty nice amount of new bracelets to the collection. Guess they heard I needed some more. Also of note. I always wear my Nike fuel band on my left wrist. Always. 

Can you believe that the only sneaker that I don't have color blocking for is black? Well white too. Since I don't own any white sneakers. Have come close but Nah, still no white. All my black sneakers have some color. I have been trying to stop buying all one color sneakers lately but I might that to make this expectation.  Sneakers from Jimmy Jazz.

Well, that's what I'm wearing today/right now. Be sure to let me know on Twitter/Instagram what you got going.  

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