Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I Triple Dog Dare You #Nerve

We built this city. We built this city on rock. We build this city on Rock&Roll. I don't know why Starship popped in my head. (If you looking for something more hardcore, here's Dipset). 

Just seem like something that would be playing in the opening of this movie. Where we find Venus "Vee" Delmonico (Named after Venus de Milo) computer screen. My bad, her Mac screen. Anyways. She's nervous about the college she has been accepted to. Mainly because it's cross the country and her mom won't be into that. This is where I knew this movie was about to be good. Cheesy dilemmas always lead to the good stories. Anyways, her friend calls and this is where we find out about the game 'Nerve". An online reality game where people either enlist online as "players" or pay to watch as "watchers". Players accept dares from watchers, receiving monetary rewards.

 The players with the most people watching while they do a dare moves on to the next round. The dares can be simple like Vee's first, which was kissing a stranger for 5 seconds for 100 dollars. The more you move up, it gets wilder. Like, show your naked ass to the crowd at the pep rally.  The dares can get dangerous as-well since this is the internet in 2016 we talking about. Like where we find Machine Gun Kelly. Laying face down on a train as a full speed train runs over him while on the track.  Dare Completed. 

MGK steals the show. I never knew he was such a great actor. This movie has to be the first movie to take on the internet in the way that made you feel this is real. I wouldn't be shocked if this is something on the dark web cause given how many Instagram videos we all seen, I wouldn't put it pass. 

The movie takes you to the edge of wanting to know what happens next. While wondering what you would do if placed in that situation. Would you be a player or a watcher? 

Watch the trailer below and check it out the movie on iTunes.

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