Monday, August 28, 2017

What'll Ya Have? #Foodie

I hate you Complex. I really do. Why did y'all have to do me like this? I have been doing nothing but lifting y'all up. I watch Everyday Struggle and Life At Complex. I often watch Hot Ones while eating Hot ones. So I can't understand the need to shoot me the middle finger. This ain't cool. How dare you Complex. The shame. Posting about the best place to get Hot dogs in all 50 states. UGH. Y'all got me out here wanting a hot dog bad. Really bad. Damn you. Y'all ain't playing fair.

I love that for Georgia it's The Varsity. Was no doubt in my mind. Nobody comes close.  Which is pretty funny. Cause before I even popped out my momma's belly I was eating at The Varsity. Adding to the greatness that is the Varsity hot dog. I have never had a steak (hamburger) there in my life.Like ever. I have been around a million times and it never crossed my mind till now.  Even now I have no interest. Just give me the #1 and F.O. (Frosted Varsity Orange) with the mix of ring one's (Onion rings) and strings (fries). 
 No heavy weight (Hot dog with extra chili) though. Not one for the mess but never catch me with the Yankee dog  (Plain dog with mustard). 

Thank you, Complex. You got me about to hop in the car right now. Y'all want something? 

Take a look at the Complex list and enjoy. Cause we all love a good hot dog. Just don't tell me where it comes from. I really don't care to know.  I see that some cities like to be fancy with this hot dog life. Like the representative for Arizona "El G├╝ero Canelo". They out here slanging dogs in some of the best-looking bread I have laid my eyes on. So yeah, take a look at the list cause some are next level. I'm talking about that Idaho one. Ayo.


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