Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Neon Stripe Like The Seahawks #DressLikeJavaris

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For some reason, I wanted to start this post with a rap lyric. I don't know why just felt like letting one out. I'm fighting it and that earns me two cookies. Anyways, today's look feels mostly like the time in TV shows where they give the pimp the makeover look and the pimp keeps a little flash in the end. 

Light Wash Stacker Side Taping Jeans
Pimp jeans, I swear they are. This is from the mind of some pimp that wife made him dress down.  They also come in black with neon orange on the side, I have them too. ( I might wear them tomorrow)

 Art School Dropout
I was thinking of doing something with a white shirt. Like something plain. V-neck with the little taco meat I have showing. Switched it up when the V-necks I have, are all way too big now. Like yikes. 
 For the left and the right

  Old Skool 
Dirty for the fuck of it. You know damn wel that was for photoshoot purposes only. Life too short to wear dirty sneakers. Keep them clean.  

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