Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Fox Supreme #DressLikeJavaris

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Let me keep it real with you. I can't pick which way to open this one.  I wrote four openings and I feel like I'm not doing anything justice. I can't think of which one hit me harder. Like the defensive end on the goal line. D-M-X. Am I the only one that hears the start of "What's my name" when I say his name. Anyways. I don't know about you but I know about me and this Ruff Ryder's Anthem. Booming. I wanted to be riding four wheelers up and down the street. Opening and shutting down shop (I didn't know what that meant at the time). Toss in the fact that I lived in Georgia and the movie Motocrossed and I was deep in.  Disney if you are reading this, all this other stuff is cool but I (we all) really want all the old Disney Channel movies somewhere. Make that streaming service. Dammit. Or just give it back to Netflix but that's another story. 

Anyways. I type all that to say that I have been hooked on Fox since I was younger. the movie Motocrossed really did it for me and I'm glad I didn't break my neck cause I wasn't that good at it. Like I was okay like I wasn't getting the sponsorship from Fox or anybody else.  I was just able to hit the hill and come down with all my body parts attached. 

That didn't stop me from wearing it to school. This what this super long opening leads to. I don't buy too much Supreme but this one was too nice to pass up. If this was middle school, I would have got the pants too but yeah, we Gucci. 

  Light Wash Ripped Stacker Jeans 
This might be the only time I wanted to be back in middle school. Cause wearing the racing pants and not about to go riding is crazy. So just some ripped jeans it is. 

 LV Upside Down Necklace
I'm always looking for some reason to wear some gold. I have really been looking to wear this one. It's so hip-hop to me. 

At first, I was going to wear the red vans with this one. Maybe I'll switch it up with that later in the day. Like a lowkey shoutout to Supreme or something.

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