Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Telegraph Ave #DressLikeJavaris

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I said I had the second one coming and I have done it. Dammit. I'm proud. I'm loving this merch that SZA has put out (The first post if you haven't seen it). So here we go. The second one. I went ahead and got the three shirts too but I don't know about making a post. Yet, don't wanna SZA Y'all too death.

Camp CTRL S/S T-Shirt

Outa the two this one might be my favorite by the biggest of mistakes.  It reminds me of what Telegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd") by Childish Gambino would look like in t-shirt form. Amazing. 

adidas Men's SID Cot Pant

I'm always looking for reasons to buy new sweats. Now I have another reason. I need purple ones. They say this one is. We will see when they get here. 

 For the left and the right. 

 Playing off the colors in the shirt. Not so much the right colors but colors that blend well. 

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