Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jail House Break #DressLikeJavaris

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It's the middle of the week and we have all made it. Keep going. You haven't knocked anybody out and that wack co-worker has been chill this week. Now if you need to send a message and not send a message at the same time. Be like me today, put on some of this 'Don't Hurt Yourself' collection. What the kids say "In My Bag"? I'm in my bag with this one. 

Yeah, I won't ever say that again.

Light Wash Blow Out Skinny Jeans
I was going to go with the camo joggers. The tan/orange ones. The ones that are not even part of the armed forces.  That might be a little too much for me. Not gonna lie, it's mostly the pockets. I hate cargo pants and all the pockets that come with it. So we just ripping the jeans. 

 For the left and the right.
H&M has updated the bracelets and you need to hop on it. They always seem to have the good stuff. 

Vans Logo Mix 
Hard orange in the paint. I just felt like saying that. I had no reason. This how I'm ending the fit for today. Looking like I'm fresh off doing a two-day bid for selling tacos with no permit. 

 Anyways let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today. 

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