Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nickelodeon Rugrats REPTAR Figure

My 40 year old son got to see the Rugrats (in a focus group) at the studio, prior to it coming out on Nickelodeon. When I picked him up later, all he would talk about was Reptar! He went on for weeks. And when Reptar began appearing in toys he/we started collected them. He's going to LOVE this item!!!
I saw that review and thought it was pretty cool. Being in on the focus group has to be amazing. Being the person that has to take note of the kid's thoughts, God bless that person soul. 

Anyways. Admit it. You wanna know what Reptar cereal taste like. It's okay, we all have wondered this while watching the show.  You in luck cause it's on Amazon. Now you can relive yo childhood while not having to fully live yo childhood. Remember we have to wait for the music videos we like to come on TV to watch them? Ew.  You can also get Reptar bars. They turn yo tongue green.  

None of this is what this post is about. Well, kinda. Cause while you eating all the cereal and getting the greenest yo tongue can get, you can look up and see this beauty. 

Kidrobot and Nickelodeon are bringing out the 90's kid in all of us with the Nick 90's REPTAR Art Toy Figure from the hit Nickelodeon cartoon television show, Rugrats.  As part of the new Kidrobot x Nickelodeon Nick 90's Collection featuring art toys and collectibles from your Nick shows, this figure will have you rapping REPTAR beats all night long!

Making his world debut in 1991 on Rugrats "At the Movies," (Episode 3, Season 1) REPTAR won the hearts of Tommy Pickles and 90's kids everywhere.  On Rugrats, the fierce REPTAR dinosaur was idolized by the Rugrats gang and the world with REPTAR movies, "Reptar on Ice" ice-skating shows, the face of REPTAR cereal, terrifying audiences on tv shows, turning tongues REPTAR green with Reptar Candy Bars and even taking the world of toys by storm with REPTAR toys REPTAR dolls and action figures.

Now Kidrobot is taking the vinyl world back to the Jurassic with Tommy Pickle’s favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex, REPTAR!  This collectible REPTAR pop art figure by Kidrobot is meticulously designed, created with Kidrobot's legendary high-quality vinyl to preserve the saturated colors that bring this figure to life. 

 Standing approximately 7 inches tall and coming with a vinyl REPTAR cereal box and holding a bowl of REPTAR cereal and spoon in his 3-fingered T Rex hands, this collectible art toy figure commemorates the lean green government fighting machine and will have you and your friends yelling “I am Reptar, hear me ROAR!”
Coming ready to chow down on REPTAR Cereal, this designer REPTAR art figure is ready to dominate your home, desk and collection today!

Now I know you not about to ask where to buy this right? With this super huge banner below. You not about to.  No way. You smart.

Kidrobot Toys & Collectibles + Free Shipping on USA Order $75+

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