Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Birthday Cake Taco Box (August 2018)

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It's my birthday, who's gonna love you, who's gonna love you. It's my bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr. That Drake song will forever be funny to me. It's so random. I skipped it. Another year older for me and I'm happy and all but I really don't have anything that deep to say. I still would love this cake is all I want.

Let's get to this. 

Each and every month I will bring you the five post that everybody has been loving the most from my blog. Love the five? Well, enjoy the dailies as well Planet Of The Sanquon. Hit the home button.

Winter Body But It's Summer Tho #DressLikeJavaris

The summer is coming to the end and you (me) my friend have yet to show off yo body. Not for the lack of trying. You just don't seem to have any tank tops at all. Like any. Okay, let me stop talking like this. The summer is finally going away. I hate the summer, my hair feels that time two. So to see it leaving is no sweat off the back of mine. Bring on the fall.

Before the summer goes goodbye, I want to bring the machine guns out one time for your minds (Name that song). Anyways, this what I was wearing today. It rained too. Mother nature I tell ya. (Full post here)

Sunday Afternoon With The Sopranos #DressLikeJavaris
I was just trying to mind my business. I swear I was. I was minding my damn business. Until I got an email. For some brand. Maybe you heard about them. "Versace". You probably never heard of it, it's a pretty small fashion house. Anyways, it seems that they have updated the website and they wanted me to know. What followed is the thing called a haul. We will start with the outfit I already put together while shopping and toss all the other ones into a post too. Spoiler alert: I got some pretty good things. (Full post)

Rico Nasty "Countin Up" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

That pistol makes you log off. (Video here)

Atlanta's Director Hiro Murai Breaks Down Season 2, Episode 6 | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair
This was one of the craziest episodes I have ever seen on TV. This is coming from somebody that watched all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars. ( Full post)

Pepper Don't Preach Burger (Bob's Burgers TV Series)
My grandma didn't have this thing called the internet in 2011. She didn't have a computer either. Actually. I think she did have a computer. She used to just read the Bible on it. Not even joking. She also reads my blog, so Granda Ma, I'm just opening this up. No shoots. Love Ya. (Full post) 

Random song for the month: Eminem x Joyner Lucas "Lucky You" | Enjoy Three Free Months Of Apple Music


Random Want Of The Month: Huion KAMVAS GT-191 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - 19.5 Inch

That's the five for this month. Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't mean to write Facebook but yeah that too. I meant Instagram.

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