Friday, March 2, 2018

Bennie and the Jets (February 2018)

 January 2018

Editor note: For the month of February we did the "Because, Black" series and have been putting it all out on The Awkward Minority Instagram page. In case you were looking for it.

Maybe it was just me but it seems like this was the longest month ever. I know we seem to complain about the days moving fast but this one seems to have different plans for us this year. Guess only time will tell. I said this last month too but it holds true again. 

Each and every month I will bring you the five post that everybody has been loving the most from my blog.  

 The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake's(Video)

 73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue(Video)

French Goonies Polka Dots #DressLikeJavaris 

  Not even going to lie to you, I was the best dress at my niece birthday party a couple weeks ago. Actually, I take that back, my niece was the best dress and I was second. Her mother had to be third with her Goonies shirt.  It wasn't the Lootcrate one with the famous catchphrase "Goonies Never Say Die". Not that one, I got that. It was the snap chat one.  I love that movie too much. Was watching it the other day.  Read More.


 Did We Just Find The Best Art Exhibit Ever?

Before I start this one. You have to read this one to fully understand it all. I want you to read both so you can see God at work. Cause if this wasn't her then tell me who it is.  Anyway's this all happen after we got to the Sculpture Garden.(Again, read part one) As we were walking out of it. We saw this huge building. It was like we were in the Rome times. Without a couple things. Less dust. The building looked like where the gladiators fought the lions. Surrounded for some reason around sand that turned quickly into a grass field. Now I can't remember if this was also what she (Jeem) was looking for or not. I just remember us being in agreement that we should check this out and the food trucks after. Read More.

 Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea? (Yell His Name). Absorbent and yellow and porous is he (Nah, really yell his name). 

The lovable residents of Bikini Bottom are now encapsulated in the California-based lifestyle sneaker brand’s classic Vault by Vans silhouettes, with characters donning across Sk8-Hi, Authentic and Slip-On models for a total of six releases. Patrick and SpongeBob are featured most prominently across the uppers of the models while Plankton can be found carelessly smooshed on the bottom outsole for a hilarious effect. Design elements vary from all-over prints and checkerboard styling to fine details like custom tongue tags and co-branded insoles. Read More

Random song for the month: Elton John "Bennie and the Jets" | Enjoy Three Free Months Of Apple Music

Random want of the month: BMW i8 Coupé.

That's the five for this month. Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comment section or on  Twitter and Facebook.I didn't mean to write Facebook but yeah that too. I meant Instagram.

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