Friday, March 9, 2018

Versace On The Floor #DressLikeJavaris

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First off, fuck winter and the cold it brings. It should be gone by now but it wants us to freeze again. Seriously, why is it still cold in March? This is crazy and I need the winter to kiss me goodbye. I have had enough. Enough since it started but that's not the point. Anyways. I guess I have to dress not to get sick. 

So let's share some more of the Versace I been wearing this week. 

Painted Medusa Sweatshirt
I said it in the last post, I don't really go for the flashy when it's Versace. I have some flashy pieces but most are not. I'll be real, I'm short. I wear the flashy and be liking like a Missippi pimp. Some days I don't care. Mostly save that for the summer. 

I love this sweater the most cause it's something I would create back in middle school. Paint brushing everything. 

Just some regular joggers. 

 Bulloni Bolt Necklace
 I have been wearing necklaces lately. I have to get more if I want to keep on doing this since I don't really have too many. My 'How I Met Your Mother' necklace is still my favorite.  

Vans Duck Green/Gum -

Vans Duck Green/Gum 
I felt like it had to be done like this. It only seems right. I have no reason why I grabbed this color but it works. I have to say this God's work on this one. 

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