Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello (Friday Night Vans)

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"Hello, is it me you looking for?"- Spring. Hell yeah, it's you I'm looking for. Been waiting for you forever. I think I have started the last three 'Dress Like Javaris' post talking about how I'm looking for ya ass. You here now. Don't run away. You know how this weather is. 

Anyways. Finally tossing the jackets into the closet for the longest of times. I don't wanna see a jacket.  Gonna let the tie-die wave. Sanquon Logo shirt.  

 Won't be wearing any long johns all these now. 

Braid Leather Bracelet 

For the left.  



Skull Accented Bracelet

For the right. 



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I feel like I'm a meme. Like when people see it gets a little warm and they toss on the short, shorts. But I'm not wearing any short, short. I'm just putting on some really loud sneakers. I want people to see me before I'm coming. These just felt right for this one. This look feels chill without out being too chill. 

Well, that's what I'm wearing today. What you got on? Let me know on  Instagram/ Twitter

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