Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ice Tray The Gang #DressLikeJavaris

You know, sometimes it's best to not get what you want as a kid. Case in point: I kinda wanted a chain when I was younger. I say kinda cause I had the one that my grandma gave me (and still have) the cross (that's not me that's Deion in that picture btw) but I wanted more. Trying to be Two Chains before Two Chains. Back when he was Titty Boi in the group Players Circle running with DTP.  I didn't want nothing too wild. I didn't want a cartoon and all that silly rap stuff. I just wanted the Jesus piece like Ye. 

This was around the time I was not supposed to have eyerings and my momma for months though I was wearing magnet ones. That's still a thing?  Anyways, this summer I think I will be adding some chains to my look. I have been playing around recently with the chains.  

Here are some of the ones I brought off Gilt this week.  (Use promo code GIVE25 and get $25 on me).

 Swarovski Crystal Silvertone Faceted Pendant Necklace

14K Goldplated Box Chain Necklace

Sterling Silver Bird-Wing Pendant Necklace

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