Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mickey Mouse Club #DressLikeJavaris

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When I was younger, the coolest thing you can get from Disney Land was the Mickey Mouse ears. Everybody would be jealous of you if you can back to school from summer with some. I was the nice friend that would make (ask) my mom buy extra, cause hey, my friends wanna flex too. Even if they didn't go. 

White Stripe Mickey Mouse T-Shirt
Fast forward to middle school and I would be damn if you saw me in some ears or any shirt with cartoons. While I watched any and everything that was on Nickelodeon and Disney.  Silly me. Wanting to be grown in public and child in private.  I was back to the cartoons in High School with all the Iceberg I was wearing.

Bleach Stretch Skinny Denim Shorts 
 Don't let people lie to you. Wear jean shorts if it tickles yo fancy. They just short, I don't know where this jean part in front started. I can't lie, I don't wear too many lately. Started when I hit 13. Can't move too much with them and I needed to be able to move in case a basketball game broke out.  (That doesn't make sense to some of y'all. I'm sorry.)

 For the left (No Link)

 Black Aion Chrono Watch
For the right. 

Sidenote: I don't know why I wear so much black. That's just my shit?  

  Vans Sk8 Hi Skate
Giving this look that last pop that it doesn't need but more pop just to pop. 

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