Monday, March 11, 2019

Not Easter Sunday But Okay #DressLikeJavaris

Boom, guess who stepped in the room. With the YAHHHH. Rest in peace to ODB as you can see. 

All that is ODB lyrics besides the "Rest In Peace". Which if you think about it, is something he would say too.  Legend. I don't even know why I even started it like that but here we are. Easter is around the way I would say you should get ready but okay. We getting fresh today. People still say that "Getting Fresh", "Staying fresh". Talk to me. 

 Blue, Pink, Green Panelled Rugby Top

Nylon has been my love for some years. I really just woke up and hopped on this wave. 

 Stone Single Breasted Mac
 I have to get this jacket and wear it at least one more time. One more before this spring says hello. I have to start to give some away too. I have ten too many. I swear I work on Wall Street or something. 

 Black Slim Chinos
 Don't tan the jacket and tan the pants. That's nasty. 


 ComfyCush Authentic
I don't know if you know yet but we (Vans) have some really soft comfy cush Vans. You wanna feel like walking on the clouds? We got you.  

 Anyways let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today. 

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