Thursday, March 28, 2019

Too Early To Be This Fresh #DressLikeJavaris

How much pink is too much pink before you become a mean girl? Asking for a friend cause I can care less. Hey, I made it this far without quoting the movie. I'm proud. Anyways, I have to keep adding to the never-ending suit section for me. I can never have enough but never have the right one when it's time. 

 Pink Velvet Skinny Blazer
 Maybe I will go to a day party with this one. Maybe not.Actually, yeah. I will have the reason to wear white pants with this. I can't say that I would wear white ones at night. While on the subject: How do y'all feel about leather pants? You feeling them or nah? I lowkey want some but I don't know. Maybe I should stop watching "The Dirt" on Netflix. 

 Black Jacquard Skinny Blazer
If you're new around here. I dress like the pimp that had to walk away from the life he had before. Like he's outta the game but the style lives a little. Think of it as the episode of The Wayans Bros when TC was leaving the style. Better yet, the episode of EvE when Morris Day came in and they didn't want to make a suit for a pimp so they made it flashy side in. 

That's me. Only I never been a pimp and doesn't have any sex workers to pimp. Sidenote: It's 2019, ladies you don't need one. 

Navy Digi Print Skinny Blazer

Sometimes you have to wear the war paint to the meeting without wearing the war paint to the meeting.  I don't wear the pants to match with this. That's doing too much. I know I point this out for all the risky prints I wear but in case you new. You know too. 

Anyways, that's what I have been wearing to the too early in the morning meetings I have been dragging myself to go it. All the pants have been black.
All the suits are from Top Man (Click the banner below). I style on a budget, spend less get more. 

Anyways let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today. 

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Topman US

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