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Orange Versace Operation | February 2019

2018 | January 2019

Is 2019 February the oddest Black History Month in the history of Black History?  Cause it seem like all the shits was happening in that short of a time. The Oscars came and saved it all. Congrats to Spike. They finally did the right thing. I'm sorry, I had to say it. I know it was corny. I'll shut up now. 

  Each and every month I will bring you the five post that everybody has been loving the most from my blog.

Enjoy Three Free Months Of Apple Music


Deeper link.  (Video here) 


 Louis Vuitton Taïgarama Leather 

French luxury house Louis Vuitton is expanding its offerings with a new line of leather goods dubbed Taïgarama.

Consisting of bags and travel accessories, each item has been thoughtfully crafted from LV’s Taïga leather injected with the house’s signature Monogram canvas, concluding in vibrant shades of “Pacific Blue,” “Antarctica White,” “Amazon green,” “Bahia Yellow” and “Monogram Eclips.” Successfully incorporating both the spirt of travel and the label’s timeless craftsmanship, each item will resonate well with the fashion hungry crowd. (Post here)


 KITH x Versace  

KITH’s historic Fall 2018 collaboration with Versace immediately became the stuff of legend, as it represented Versace’s first-ever streetwear collaboration and KITH’s initial foray into high-end ready-to-wear. Rich with gold-drenched layering pieces, the collection runs the gamut from lavish fur coats to plush silk robes to denim emblazoned with the first-ever redesigned Medusa Head, a selection of which is seen on supermodel Bella Hadid in the collection’s campaign.  (Post Here) 



Coca-Cola "Orange Vanilla" 

After more than a decade, Coca-Cola has just announced its newest official flavor. The idea came after the Coca-Cola marketing team revisited the success of the relaunch of the Coke Zero beverage — looking for other areas for growth. The other flavors considered were between raspberry, lemon, and ginger, but ultimately Orange Vanilla came out on top. (Post Here)




'Rick and Morty' Edition of 'Operation'

Just like the the original Operation, players will test their physical abilities as they remove parts from the cardboard cadaver — except this time around, organ names have been replaced with “Funatomy” pieces that are contained within “Anatomy Park” host, Ruben. Just like the animated show, Ruben contains a cocktail of illness-themed attractions ranging from Cerebral Cortex Carousel, Haunted Liver, Pirates of the Pancreas, Colon Log, Sphincter Dam, and Bone Train, to name a few, and it is the players job to remove each bodily “attraction” without touching the forceps to the metal edges of the game; with each successful removal of an illness, players are rewarded with varying amounts of play money. (Post Here) 

Random song for the month: 

Random Want: Milwaukee 2494-22 M12 Cordless Combination

That's the five for this year. Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comment section or on  Twitter and Facebook.I didn't mean to write Facebook but yeah that too. I meant Instagram.

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