Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Brooklyn Wan't Ready For This One #DressLikeJavaris

They say when you make plans, God laughs. Boy, was she laughing when I put this look together. That New York weather is nothing like this Georgia and I know that. I still wanted to push pass with the look and it's not gonna happen. It's gonna be snowing y'all. Snowing, snow. 

So we not gotta do nothing with this look but show it off in this blog post. I'm lying I'm going to wear this tomorrow. While still in Georgia. 

SanQuon COTN Hoodie 
 It's pretty funny that most people don't understand that this is making fun of not joining the....nevermind.

Denim overalls in black

I wanted to go with something that would be something that you find in the south but being in the middle of New York. Something like a country jungle. 

 SanQuon Logo Bean

 With the Black overalls being the biggest piece in the look. I wanna give some offset to the look. I'm going with the white and the red. 

Adidas KB8

For Kobe.  

That's what I will be wearing? How about you? Let me know on Instagram and Twitter.

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