Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ight Imma Head Out #DressLikeJavaris

You know what Sunday is made for? Laying in this bed on my laptop. Working on things while I give new Tv shows a chance. Which reminds me I need to put out a TV show post. 
Anyways. Some people don't seem to get that. So now I have to leave my house to go to places on this day of rest.  I'm joking but really, ugh. 

SanQuon Square 

New SanQuon for ya cause you been asking. Nice bright colors for the turn of the new week.

 Camo Joggers 

When did H&M make the switch to xs-3xl? Let's go back to the jean sizes, please. Not really big on this. It leaves the in-between sizes. Anyways, with the change also comes a switch in the way the joggers are made and design. Lots more styles than before. 

 SanQuon Beanie

I have been trying to wear the beanies as long as I can before this spring comes. I'm not ready but ready.


4-pack Bracelets

I have been on my skull gang shit lately. It's high school all over again.  

Wanna walk on the clouds? This is how you walk on the clouds. 

Let me go ahead and get outta here. I can feel the text coming. 

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