Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Need A Dream Catcher

So the other day I was telling the other ME! "Dang wish I could have a nightmare lol".Bad wish on my part for the past 3 days I have been having back to back to back NIGHTMARES!.Now nightmares where the big white bunny is chasing me is kinda cool, but the ones I been having are straight GANGSTA!.....In a very bad way.The first I get shot over a million dollars, the second one I get stabbed in the back(So to speak).The one last night was the one that made me type this,cause this time I really get 
STABBED!. The crazy part about this is where it took place is not where I would really be.What's this place you ask ? 
Oh I was on stage at a Rap Show dude runs up and pow! right in my side....Ass backwards if you ask me , 
I was just on the stage man hit the rapper with the knife not me ha!.Right now my side feel like a knife was in it.

So what do all this mean ?
Psychological Meaning: Something within you has died. You must discover what it is and why it has been returned to the unconscious, here symbolised by the earth. Alternatively the grave may be a pun to say that you are facing a ‘grave situation’ or it could simply be reflecting your own thoughts about death and mortality.

Mystical Meaning: Superstitions say that this dream means that you will experience a loss but not necessarily a death. 

What does it mean when you have a dream that you get shot ? There is some fear outside of your realm of control, you know that it is going to hurt you and that it might be deadly.

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