Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sanquon "Year Eight"

I have to say that when it comes to giving ya'll updates on Sanquon I suck at it ha!.But let me give it a try.As you know the e.5 charlie x Sanquon "Haters" crew neck is out now(So buy buy buy).We have a Holiday drop coming up to so look out for the preview's in the coming weeks.

Year Eight
The new Sanquon Collection haves a name(yay!) And its Year Eight.I know what you thinking year eight WTF??? why that ?Well Sanquon been around for 8 strong years(Is strong a little to much ?)Anyway giving y'all a lot of previews for the second drop in the collection for Year Eight(I kinda did the first drop for the collection without telling).
Hey we can call it Road to Year Eight........Yea Road To Year Eight
Great Idea.

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