Saturday, November 7, 2009

Louis Vuitton for Red Cross Monogram Medicine Box

 I must get this.
 Coming off a clever creation celebrating the Apollo 11 Anniversary, internationally renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton reveal a new hard case made to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Red Cross, which began in 1859 on the battlefield of Solferino. The case features a full monogram print with various intricate details including a series of Red and Grey medicine cases arranged in the shape of the cross, capped off by a Red Cross painted on the case itself.

“When reflecting upon our collaboration with the Red Cross, it came to my mind to create a special Red Cross kit. The compilation of the red and silver aluminum boxes to form a red cross on the inside along with the logo on the outside make it visually impactful and a truly unique piece.” says Patrick-Louis Vuitton
“When Louis Vuitton, the world-famous company informed us of its ambition to reproduce the original first aid kit, inspired by the 1914 pattern, we were looking forward to seeing the result. The final design is superb. With its pure aesthetics, it has the highest symbolic value, representing the power of its red cross.” says Oliver Brault, Managing Director of the French Red Cross.

Via.My Swag Magazine

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