Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Case You Missed it : Javaris Speaks On My Swag Magazine

Last Week I spoke with the AJC about this months cover and My Swag as a whole.In Case you missed it here you go.

"This issue (February/March) was the stepping out for us.We wanted to do something that would set us apart from others .The Beyonce issue (October) was a good one.It left a lot of people saying "Can they do it again ?" Then we came with Louis Vuitton(December) and I can just hear people saying "Okay they getting there" (Laughing).With the Kanye West feature I think that sets us in the path that we want to go.I don't like the term "Urban Magazine" seeing that we are not that and I feel our last 3 issue's and covers show that."-Javaris Squire   

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