Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can The Knicks Win Game Five ?

So tonight is game five and all the New York fans sit and wait to see the faith of the Knicks. This series has been full of it, blow out's, injures and of course miss game winners with a easy pass to Bosh for the score. No I don't want the Heat to win all I'm saying is that they ran a pick and roll and Bosh cut to the basket and was open but Wade runs to the 3pt line, who came up with that ? Can't lie I was happy when he missed. This all leads us to game 5 it's do or die for the Knicks and I love the Knicks but they just might die.

Half The Damn Team In Suits (Injured) So Who Will Play
They say this the year of the Rabbit, but for the New York Knicks it's more like the year of the injured. First  Baron Davis comes to the team hurt then, Iman Shumpert, Amare Stoudmire, Melo all took a seat on the bench in suits.Only good thing  that came out of this was maybe that person that kept the water cold and seats warm can actually play basketball, then he gets hurt too. You would think a person that haven't played in 2 years wouldn't get hurt but hey it's the year of the injured.

Just so I don't rant I won't even speak about how the one person got hurt AFTER THE GAME!

This all brings us to the playoffs. The Knicks are playing the Heat but only 3 whole starters can play. That may sound like a lot and might even win games during the regular season but well,you see how it's working out for them in the playoffs. Iman Shumpert is the team best guard on D without him Wade and James have been running wild. Yes Shumpert D is that lock down, ask somebody ask Rose he know.

That's one thing down that they need, another is Lin points. When Lin went down that means that Bibby started to get more playing time. Just because he still look like how he did in 2000 doesn't mean he still play like it. At this point I don't even see why they have Bibby,Toney Douglass can play but rides the spot of the bench where Bibby should be. At  this point the series might be over even if Melo puts up 40 tonight they would need 2 other people to get high numbers also. Good Luck Knicks 

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