Monday, May 28, 2012

Ghadir Got Skills

Back in middle school it was this girl name "Stephanie Can't tell you her last name" and she was cool, nice person. I mean nobody picked on her or anything but she had a problem .The problem is Stephanie mother used to do her hair. No it wasn't ghetto green, blue and yellow styles ,but it was just really bad. This one time Step came to school and I swear half her hair was gone. OMG she was the Cassie before Cassie. Okay all the hair wasn't gone but her mom really gave her a hair style that was well let's just say 'Don't try it at home". 

Luckily Princess J doesn't have this problem. Not only is her mother Ghadir extreme beautiful, but she is really good at doing hair. Yes my best friend has the skills you wish you had. You jealous ? Should be. Lmao Just playing. She is really good tho. I'm really proud of her she watched one youtube video and was able to do this, the thing is she watched the video while she was at work and did Princess hair like three days after watching the video, that's skill. Check the pictures out and tell her how  much you love them (Here's Her twitter @Arabicdream ), also are some pictures of my little homie Jacob. Oh she cuts his hair.. Man she good :D 

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