Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dubai Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Home to some of the most beautiful and progressive architecture in the entire world, Dubai will soon see the construction of a hotel with submerged, underwater rooms that offer unparalleled views of the Persian Gulf. Conceived by designers Deep Ocean Technology and dubbed the Water Discus Hotel, the building will be the first of several in the emirate and will feature an underwater section of 21 rooms, a dive center and bar up to 10 meters below the sea’s surface. A unique lighting system will illuminate the scene outside the submerged rooms’ windows while macro photography will also allows guests to zoom in on the surroundings for a better view. With the above-water portions of the hotel suspended high enough to avoid tsunamis and flooding, the underwater disc is engineered to surface in the event of a storm or other danger. I will be building this in Mine Craft 

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