Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Can't Blame Pau Gasol, The Lakers Just Suck

It was all good just a week ago for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. That was last week this is the morning after the Lakers for the second time in a row have been kicked out the playoffs in the second round. I hate the Lakers, well really I hate the Lakers fans. They have the biggest EGOS. I used to think it was New York but it's L.A.  Twitter went on fire with shady toward one player and one player only. PAU GASOL, you would think that it would be on all 12 players of the team for the lost. Well just maybe the ones that played but no all the fans are blaming PAUL. The funny thing about this whole thing is that PAU had 16 boards in that game and the other person in the paint, the young one had about 4 ? But yea it's totally Pau fault that he only had 16 boards and 14 points, I mean come on you can't get 50 and 50.

Laker fans love to blame people for the lost if they last name is not "Bryant", he's they god you know. So much of a god to them that they didn't see the fact that Kobe had what ? 42 but didn't really pass the ball that game. To some that's just Kobe but to me a person who gives two fucks about the Lakers I know that that's the reason they lost. You can't just get yourself into the flow of the game and leave the rest of the team itching and hoping they make half of the only 6 shots they take all game, they need to get hot too. Shit if I was to just shoot all game I would score 42 too. So this for all you Laker fans. Lakers suck and it's your god KOBE BRYANT to blame, not Pau Gasol not even Ron Artest  Metta World Peace. It's KOBE BRYANT and that one guy who they think will be the future of the team. Yeah good luck with that one. 

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