Monday, November 5, 2012

The Program: Sanquon Hype Killers "Roll Tide" #NCAA13

Last Week The Program: Sanquon Hype Killers "Meet The Recruits"

Pardon me while I turn down the laughs of the writers of almost every newspaper in the world. They don't seem to think that we can win our first game. 

They think that we will win around 4 this season. We have good players but not enough to call ourselves a program. Well it was time to see if they were right. Starting the season, the first season off going head to head with Bama.  

The number one team in the country.This team will test our weakest and show us where we are strong at. 

Hype Killers played like a team with a chip on its shoulder pads. Better yet, played like they doesn't want to be a joke.
     "We know we can play with anybody," Hype Killers quarterback Javaris Squire said.If Saturday night's game means anything, the Hype Killers can play with and perhaps better than anybody. I'm not saying Moore should begin practicing how to raise a crystal football over his head, but Hype Killers is more than capable of winning consecutive national title.
"Everybody's hungry," freshmen DT Adam "Stay Down" Johnson said. 
"I think we're more hungry than we were in camp coming into the season. We just want to go out and create an identity for this team"
 Go out and create a identity they did. They came out and started on Bama from the opening kick with Taylor Walker and in the snap of a second he is down the field and in the endzone for the first touchdown in the team history.  It didn't stop there by half time you would think that the underdog was Bama. As they went into the locker room trailing 24-7 
I don't know what was said during the halftime but whatever was said was enough to wake Bama up. They came out and put Sanquon to the test. Trading TD after TD. It was like both teams forgot how to play D. They traded some many TD's that the game went into overtime. It was there that we seen that the Hype Killers might be a team to look for in the big dance as they forced a four and out and behind the legs of Freshman Squire they got into field goal position and knocked off the #1 team in the nation. All hail the Hype Killers, To early ? Yeah you might be right.- Tony Williams of the Atlanta Times 

They pushed us, they pushed us good. Nobody thought we would win but I knew that if we went out and played as a team then getting beat wasn't going to happen. Sure they was rank higher but that mean nothing when it comes to getting it done. 

One thing from that game and the next games that we really need to work on is the letting other teams get big plays. We would be playing great D for a couple of series and then in the matter of one play all that work would be gonna. 

Bosie State 21 Sanquon 28 (Clutch catch from Squire to Dixon)
Colorado 25  Sanquon 35 (Big game for Walker)
LSU 21   Sanquon 38  (Went into death valley and came out with a win)

As a coach this makes you crazy to let the other team score so many points. We are a D team first and O last. I just want the D to keep the other team out the endzone and the O to just control the flow of the game. We we were doing one and doing it very well. We were controlling the game so well that we been running up the score? Well that's what people been saying. But stepping into the Washington game I told the D that we need to step out this game. We need to be a team to fear coming across the line. 

We did just that in the game. Holding them to zero point the whole game till around the end when we put in  3rd string. The D was lighting the QB up all game and I was sitting back and loving all that was going on. Hopefully this carries over into the rest of the season. 5-0 we will take that. 

Washington 7  Sanquon 45

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