Friday, November 16, 2012

Thousand Dollars For Twinkies

I seen a tweet that said "Twinkies going for 100 on eBay". Me being a person that lives under a rock I had to Goggle it. Seems like the workers are on strike. The reason for this strike is unknown but this strike has lead to them going out of business.18000 people will be losing they job and Twinkies will be gone forever. 

Along with a host of other sweets that are made by Hostess. This has made people go crazy. Not even crazy into the point of yelling at  Hostess to pay they workers, cause you know that might work. But selling and buying Twinkies on eBay. Which brings us to the first statement "Twinkies going for 100 on eBay". I went on eBay in the last hour and well, it's one person that's asking for 25k. It's another where people are really bidding on a 300 dollar box. Have people lost they mind? I mean I haven't  had a Twinkies since I was maybe a kid or something like that but it wasn't or is something I would pay 300 for one box. I really don't understand. Y'all stay crazy. 

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