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The Madden Curse 1988-2003

Rather you believe it or not the Madden curse is as real as real gets.Madden the football action game that has been around since 1988. At the time it was called "John Madden Football" and featured John Madden on the cover. In fact the cover featured John Madden on the cover for the first 11 years. Sure in 1994 Madden shared the cover with Erik Williams of the Dallas Cowboys and Karl Wilson of the San Francisco 49ers, but they were in the background. Kinda like you taking a picture for Facebook and it's some people in the back that you don't know, kinda like that.Only they football players.

The Madden Curse started as a joke. Couple players get the cover and have a bad year or get hurt and everybody laugh and go "Madden curse got him". As the years went on it seems to be more then just bad timing that the players on the cover got hurt. All the players got hurt or had a big drop in the season following the Madden cover. Madden curse? Well you see for yourself. 

 Garrison Hearst
San Francisco 49ers' running back, Garrison Hearst, was chosen.
Hearst at the time before the cover was a record breaker and a lock for the Hall of Fame. BUT after getting the cover, he led the 49ers right into the playoffs only to break his ankle. He broke his ankle so bad that Hearst missed two full season. Two full seasons and he was never the same. 

Barry Sanders and  Dorsey Levens
When I first saw this I didn't know either that Sanders was to be on the cover of Madden but after some reading this adds to the Madden curse. You see this was the year that Sanders retried in training camp. Don't quote me on this but I think that Sanders knew that his body just couldn't take it anymore, Madden curse? I think so. 

After Sanders retired they put Levens on the cover. 
Packers running back Dorsey Levens. Took the Packers to back to back Super Bowl trips, after the cover the Packers failed to make the playoffs and Levens injured his knee. 

Eddie George 
Eddie George was one of my favorite running backs of all time. Eddie had speed and power and he was unstoppable. I was there when he lead his team back in the Super Bowl in the Georgia Dome only to fall a inch short of the touchdown. It still hurts. It was no question that he should be o the cover for 2001, if you going off best player in the league.   

As for what happen after he got the cover, George never got injured or had any problems during the regular season, but when the playoffs came around, the top-seeded Titans lost to the Ravens because George bobbled a pass that was intercepted and taken to the house.  

The following season, George was injured.

Dante Culpepper
The Vikings were coming off a horrendous championship game loss in Culpepper's season debut. The team was pretty stacked and everybody picked them to be in the running to win the Super Bowl. Cause you know when everybody pick you, you never loss. 

The Vikings went 4-7 while Culpepper was at the helm. He threw 18 touchdowns with 23 interceptions. 

Culpepper suffered a season ending knee injury.

Marshall Faulk
Faulk had about 2,150 yards from scrimmage, including 83 receptions and 21 total touchdowns. Everything was looking great for Faulk. However, after Faulk appeared on the cover, 2002 wasn't so great. 

His production dipped significant ,he only had about 1,450 yards from scrimmage and his touchdowns were reduced from 21 to 10. He was hampered by injury all year long, and after appearing on the cover, he never rushed for 1,000 yards in a season again. 

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