Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Made The Playoffs In My Fantasy Football League

It may sound really cheesy but I'm just happy to be here, the number 2 seed in the playoffs. I would have had the 1st seed but the system don't like me. Seeing that we both have the same record. This is my first team playing Fantasy Football and to be real, I didn't know shit about it. I mean we all know I know football but besides watching the TV show "The League" I knew nothing about what to do. Me and my friends joined a NFL ran league and it was on.

My team name is "Your Mom Like To Shake Weight" cause you know... Your Mom Like To Shake Weight.  

I was Google searching like my life was on the line. Google helped a little and it also didn't help at all. I was what they like to call a "Stat Whore" I was going by the numbers, kinda. You see I didn't know how many running back you need and how many WR's and other things, Google didn't tell me all that. So when the draft started I passed up on a couple of people. I picked MegaTron in the first and Matt Stafford in the next round. What the hell was I thinking when picking him.    

Now this was not the line up I had after the draft but I am happy to have it. I had to add and drop every single week to get my line up right. I was learning as I went. Picking up players cause they had a hot week (The one player on the cowboys). Dropping them the next week cause they didn't do jack. I loss the first 3 games of the season and I thought it was over for me.  Everybody was laughing. Then I went on a run, a very great run. 6 games of winning in a row. It was great my team was on point. Now we face the playoffs. This is the lineup I'm using this week. I feel I can get it done with this lineup. I can't trust Stafford and Luck is a rookie that's running out of Luck as far as FF goes. Matty Ice been getting it done for me. Expect that one week where he got me 1.70 points. I'm still mad. 

Below is the dude I'm playing team. Here's to hoping Doug Martin do not go off. 
Also if you think I should change somebody in my starting lineup let me know. 

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