Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Made It To The Chip #FantasyFootball

I made it to the chip. Who would think that the person that knew nothing about Fantasy Football would make it to the chip. I'm the same man that got a couple people that either got hurt (Bienie Wells) or just didn't show up at all this season (Matt Stafford) in the first couple of rounds. I have the man with the Madden Curse on my team (Megatron) and made it to the chip. I'm really proud of myself for pulling out the win's this far. I didn't think I would win anything after starting 0-3. Now comes the time when I over think everything. 
As you can see in the picture (Your Mom Like To Shake Weight), I didn't walk into the chip. It was almost a fight. I started the Giants kicker and the Giants didn't try for more then one FG. In which he missed it by the way. My Falcons shut them down like I thought they would, forcing them to kick the ball. Nope they kept trying on 4th and Dem dirty,dirty birds :) made them pay.

Now on to the other player that might as well have got 0.00 points cause 2 was nothing. I say this as Blaze (Ina van down by Phillip Rivers) loss by 0.74 of a point.  

I don't know rather to blame KC or to blame Jamal Charles himself. Why in the world is Jamal getting 10 yards in a game, when he is one of the best runners in the game. I want to not take the risk and bench him. I can't take the chance that he won't get the ball when playing in the chip. 

I let Jody James sit on the bench for Jamal. I have him in the w/r spot. I was talking before the games and I was saying that everybody on the Packers are hurt or coming off of being hurt and I said that Rodgers will toss it to nobody but him. Why in the hell didn't I start him, pulling in 3 TD's like it was nothing.

I also want to start Luck vs KC. I just can't in my heart start a rookie in this big game. I have started him two times this season. It was on the Falcons bye and he played well, 20 something he got. The next time I started him was  the last game of the regular season. He played like crap playing a crap team. I can't trust him. I got to stick with Matty Ice. Matty Ice playing for first round bye this week, so maybe he plays extra hard. KC is KC, Luck should shine right? I don't know what ya'll think? 

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