Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Show "Catfish" Got Y'all Thinking #DylanCandyBreak

If it's one thing we all know, it's that everything ain't what it seem. Nothing pushes that saying more then the internet. The internet is where you can be any and everything you ever dream to be, to the people you don't know. Some people take full advantage of that. Which brings me to the new series on MTV "Catfish". Catfish is about people that fall in love over the internet, with people they have never met. They have not Skype or any other video type thing with the person, they just know each other through pictures. They fell in love with each other through pictures and messages they send each other online on via text. 
With all this, it raises a question on rather the person that you are seeing in the pictures and talking to on Facebook/Twitter/etc is real. We all lived thru the myspace era and we all seem a couple of myspace pages that seem a little to odd. Well in most cases they are. A couple of my friends(Girls) had people on Myspace acting like they are them. One of my friends to this day has to report people for stealing her photos on twitter. 

This one time I got a message from a dude and I think it was titled "Do you know her". I remember thinking nothing about it so I open it. In this message he asked me 'Do you know so and so." Like seen her in person. I typed back something like "Yeah we go to school together". 
I guess he was dating her or something like that. Guessing by her comment wall. For everybody out there that never had Myspace before,you used to have to go to people pages to leave a comment and you would see everything on the wall. I'm guessing he followed her comment wall to me. Lucky dude. Well I guess at the time he was luck.  

But for the rest of the world that's where this show comes in. It helps you get to the truth. They look up the person you have been doing all the chatting with online and helps you find out rather they are that person they say they are or not. Till now on the show all the people have been faking like they are somebody else. Rather it be a girl that wants to find out if the boy she is in love with is real, only to find out the "Boy" is really a bored girl that didn't give a fuck that she messing with somebody life. In one the dude is a very middle age dude. That online is a male model. No need to tell you the girl that was in love with the dude is mad. She gets to meet the real dude, the model and well he is a tool. She better off with the older man. I say all this to say that you guys should think twice before you send that big booty girl a DM. Got you thinking huh? Take a Dylan Candy break. 

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