Monday, December 31, 2012

Things To Do In 2013

Right now we are in the last hours of 2012. For me this been one year that never seem like it would end, it was long. Longer then "Eat,Pray,Love". 2012 about to be a thing of the past. With 2012 waving goodbye, comes everybody list of what they will be leaving in 2012. I'm not doing that. I made a list of things I would like to do in 2013. It's not a really long list but it's all the things I really want to.My grandma told me to just do what we(Grandma and I) did in 2012, so I guess I should listen. Enjoy and let me know what you want to do in 013. Okay maybe we should just say 2013. Swag 

Georgia has been my home for my whole life. I been to a lot of places, but just to visit. Feel like it's the time to leave. I see Georgia like this. As a Tv show, a good Tv show but after watching the same episode over and over you want to see a new one right? That's now I feel about here, want to see more. Plus I want be that guy that always talking about his hometown teams while in other states. I need to start looking on Wallace Living..

If I had to be on a island with one person for the rest of my life it would be Jeem (Ghadir). Hands down, only her,nobody even close. My love for Jeem goes deeper then that but that helps paint the picture for you. Now I don't really think it's possible to spend a million hours with Jeem. Cause a million hours is 41,666.67 days and it's only 365 days(8,760 hours) in a year but I plan on spending a lot of time with her. Whether it be watching "The Wire", going to a monster truck show or a whole date pushed into 2 minutes like on "How I met your mother". Really I'll do anything with Jeem, unless it's something like going to a rap concert. Count me out. 

My Ace, my deuce and a quarter. Cool and I will be doing a lot of things in 2013. We gonna be like this (Moving my hands into a twisted fingers motion). The greatest thing that we will do is going to a Atlanta Falcons game. His first Atlanta Falcons game, I'm hype just thinking about it. 

I remember my first one.  They was playing the Cowgirls  Cowboys. It was with my friend, his sister and her friends. My friend and I was so young but we thought we was so cool to  be hanging with the older people.  We did everything they did. We even ate one of them minute maid frozen lemonade cups. My head still hurts from just thinking about it.  

It was a really fun time, and I can't wait to take LL Cool Jacob to his first Falcons game. Yes I have a lot of nicknames for him. 

Don't Princess J look just like Jeem(Ghadir). If they ever make a movie about Jeem then they know who to get for the younger years. Now I want Princess to like the Falcons also, but it's Princess so we won't be going to football games and stuff. What we will be doing is going to the ballet. Now I know nothing about the ballet but I think that Princess and I will have a good time. Maybe even go to the opera. See the show "Wicked". Get dressed up and go to the ballet and opera. Sounds like a fun time. 

Partner in crime, Crystal. Crystal and Dancing Machine and Steve was in Atlanta a couple months ago. The problem with that was that they was on a layover at the airport. Sounds like a chance for us to hangout right? Wrong, seeing that the airport is south of Georgia and if you ever been to Georgia then you know that's 4 hours to get there and like 6 trying to get back.  That was a busted chance to hang out with them. Plus it was Pretty Liars Night. Maybe it was a good idea they was far away. We would of been yelling "WTF" and other random things like we always do when we watch that. So 2013 New Jersey. I never been to Jersey before. Only New York so if Jeem wants to go we going. 

While we in Jersey (I like saying Jersey). We can build some bears. You know at Build-A-Bear. I won't be building one but I think that it will be a great bonding time for Dancing Machine and Princess. They can become friends.

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